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  • How does One Decor Studio support an Interior Designer or Architect?
    Our team has been working in the Hospitality & Residential for 2 decades, and we offer a variety of solutions, vendors, manufacturers along with price discovery due to the number of relationships we have built over the years - right at your fingertips! Our aim is to make an efficient working environment for both designer and their clients
  • Design with One Decor Studio - Process
    We offer a live mood board concept wherein clients & designers can come into our shop & create a live design board for a project with access to a variety of all materials for Interior Design
  • What is the Design Process at One Decor Studio?
    Since we are an Executional Design Studio, we support Interior Designers to assist in the Execution of their Projects, however, we can undertake smaller size projects from design to execution such as Offices, 2 BHK Homes & Cafe's
  • How can One Decor Studio save you Time & Money?
    1] You don't go to the market, The market comes to you! With this ability we reduce the stress and time taken to make decisions on design selections or materials, enabling designers & clients to keep the selection process lean and efficient 2] The more work we do, the more savings for you Through the power of consolidation, we are able to pass on benefits of quality & price to our clients. We present new products that have been introduced to the market that may bring new ideas to Interior Design 3] We deliver on time We aim to deliver all products in the Timeline and ensure we don't cause delays to a project - after all - we know you can't wait to move in to your home!
  • Sourcing Advisory Service - One Decor Studio
    We assist in the entire procurement process and relieve the stress of searching and contacting multiple suppliers - and we assist with access to many designs and options to simplify your process
  • Does One Decor Studio undertake Turnkey Projects?
    We primarily undertake the Manufacture, Supply & Installation of all material supplied by One Decor Studio, however, we have access to many Contractors & other Execution specialists to offer for your project, for which we undertake Project Management at no extra cost
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